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You can be lovers and curious about truffles, but two people like us, Vania and Giuseppe, who consider it one of the culinary excellences, have made a profession out of it. Love and respect for nature, trust and passion for good things are the values that guide us.


Strict standards of raw material selection in order to guarantee excellence. The quality policy translates daily into a careful selection of the raw material available all year round. Our products, from fresh to preserved, are B.R.C./I.F.S. and HALAL certified. In addition, the entire company operates a rigorous health and hygiene control, drawn up by specialized technicians according to HACCP standards.


After being washed and selected, truffles are placed inside polystyrene boxes with cooling plates, to maintain constant temperature until the arrival of the product at its destination. Thanks to express couriers, our truffles reaches every part of the planet in just 24 to 48 hours (or via cargo-airlines, customs permitting): in such a way we are able to ensure freshness and quality.

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